Spring Into Life Cocktail Party 2012

     On  September 1st 2012 the Spring into Life Cocktail Party was held in Nathans Honour

It was a wonderful night. Thank you to everyone for your support.

We raised $15000 on the night for The Cure for Life Foundation

We have reached and surpassed our goal and have now raised over $58600 over 3 years. These funds will go directly to looking for a cure for Brain Cancer.

Nathan, Tony and I at the 2011 event

To contact me in regard to sponsorship, donations or

on forming a committee for future events

Please phone 0417735398 or email kathyabussi@gmail.com

“I always thought Brain Cancer happened to other people, other families. I never thought it would be diagnosed in my son. Please join me to work towards a day when Brain Cancer patients can be told that they have a manageable disease.”